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How to stop biting your nails?

Biting your nails not only hurts your plate, but leaves the pupa bare and very painful. Not to mention that it can irreparably deform them over time…. If you’ve decided to stop this “savage behavior,” your nail supply specialist Maryton has some tips to help you overcome this bad habit. Treatments a bit long but effective You may or may not have […]

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Steps to stop biting your nails

Onychophagia, in other words biting the nails or simply putting them in the mouth. The consequences are sometimes significant, so it is normal to want to quit. So to help you change this habit, Maryton nail supply have prepared some steps that can help you concretely! The preparation 1. Awareness of our habits: First and foremost, watch when and where you […]

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5 beauty tips to stop nail biting

You dream of having perfect hands and nails that are always impeccable… But, it’s stronger than you, you can’t help biting your nails. To end this bad habit, there are magic tricks. Follow us! Tip 1: apply a layer of the bitter varnish Stress, lack of sleep and fatigue can accentuate this tendency to want to tear off the smallest […]

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