Steps to stop biting your nails

Onychophagia, in other words biting the nails or simply putting them in the mouth. The consequences are sometimes significant, so it is normal to want to quit. So to help you change this habit, Maryton nail supply have prepared some steps that can help you concretely!

The preparation

1. Awareness of our habits:

First and foremost, watch when and where you bite your nails. Try to define if it is because of stress or boredom. Because for each cause, there are solutions that will be more appropriate than others.

2. Perform this self-check exercise:

Bringing your nails about 2 inches closer to your mouth and resist the urge to bite them. Gradually bring them closer until you are comfortable with your fingernails over your mouth. Then put a fingernail directly in your mouth and not touch it.

3. Forget

Occupy your mouth:

If nail biting is purely a habit for you, replace your fingernails with chewing gum or mint candy. It will be much more beneficial for your teeth, fingers and gums. There is also licorice which can be used in the same way.

Occupy your mind:

Make him forget your desire to bite your nails, with a passion or a hobby. If you are a stressed person, choose sports such as yoga to relax. If you tend to get bored, turn to the practice of a musical instrument.

Occupy your hands:

It will be necessary to fill this bad habit by choosing one or more objects such as a hand spinner for example. So when the urge to bite your nails arrives, twirl a small trigger ball, a coin, a pen in your hands.

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4. Disgust yourself with:

Whether it’s bitter polish, bitter essential oil or even aloe vera, apply it often on your nails to give them an unpleasant taste. This will make you less eager to put them in your mouth.

5. Hypnotherapy:

Hypnosis can also help you deal with this habit. It’s the same principle as quitting smoking. You have to be receptive to this technique and try it if you haven’t already!

Take care of your nails as they grow. Whether by pushing back your cuticles, applying a nourishing cream or vegetable oils, pamper them! Think of the manicure and the application of semi-permanent varnish. To do this, get a nice manicure kit that will encourage you to use cutlery rather than your teeth. These actions will help you in your efforts.

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