How to stop biting your nails?

Biting your nails not only hurts your plate, but leaves the pupa bare and very painful. Not to mention that it can irreparably deform them over time…. If you’ve decided to stop this “savage behavior,” your nail supply specialist Maryton has some tips to help you overcome this bad habit.

Treatments a bit long but effective

You may or may not have already tried it, and it works if you’re not too addicted. Apply a bitter-tasting varnish on your nails, and when you put your fingers in your mouth, you will get a very unpleasant taste.

Decoration so you don’t have to touch it anymore

Do a pretty nail art on your nails, so you’ll feel guilty if you damage it. Might as well try stickers, very realistic or even stamped nail art to give amazing and beautiful effects.

Semi-permanent varnishes to make them inaccessible

This particular hairspray range is thick since it is a hybrid of polish and gel. In this technique you will find it difficult to chew them, in addition they have a bad taste of acrylate.

False nails to protect your natural

If you no longer want to be able to attack them, the radical solution is to use artificial ones. In a short time you have the length of your choice, your natural ones can thus resume their growth quietly in the shelter.

In order to make the final result more perfect, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your nails! 

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