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The Most Flattering One-Piece Bathing Suit

Last week, we told you about the most flattering bikini bottoms on the planet (hint: they come from Australia) and this week we’ve got the most flattering one piece suits–because let’s face it not all of us can or want to wear teenie weenie bikinis. I found this style while shopping for myself. I hadn’t worn a one piece since […]

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Hottest 5 Sexy Mini Dresses Perfect For Summer

As the temperatures heat up, hem lines get shorter, and understandably so. After a cold winter and a breezy spring, Ladies are ready to strip down and let their legs get a bit of sun. There’s nothing more feminine and flirty than the minidress. They come in fun prints, bold colors, and are strapless, sleeveless and one-shoulder. This one piece […]

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10 Maxi Dresses That Make The Best Beach Coverups

Any savvy consumer knows how to extend the life of a wardrobe. You can winterize your summer clothes, wear the same dress in different ways over and over again, and maximize the potential of a maxi dress. That’s right, those floor-sweeping frocks usually reserved for weekend brunches and frolicking in the park do a great job moonlighting as beach coverups. […]

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