Nail art: what are the different effects on the nails?

Nail art is a technique in nail prosthesis allowing you to give free rein to your creativity. But what kind of nail art is there? Today, your expert nail supplier will share with you the different types of trendy manicures of the moment.

Sugar effect

The sugar effect on nails, also called “Sugar effect”, is the perfect style to add some sparkle to your outfit. This technique is applied with fine glitter which gives relief and a rough appearance on the nails. It is available in several colors to adapt to all circumstances.

Mermaid effect

Now let’s move on to mermaid or rubbed effect nail art. It is a rather pearly decoration which can also be applied with very fine glitter or powder pigments. The rubbed effect is discreet and harmonizes with pink and blue reflections, for a chic look.

Metallic effect

One of the latest Nail art that is currently exploding is the metallic effect! If you like to stand out, then this is for you. In addition, you are spoiled for choice in terms of style, try black and gold, pinky pinky, alien, girly girly and many others.

Marbled effect

The marbled effect nail is another nail art technique that has been very popular in recent years. It can be surprising with its impression of real marble on the nails. For this, the artist must be equipped with the best supplier of manicure sets.

Sweater effect

It is very representative with its knitting effect. This decoration can be done on all nails or just one for a discreet and refined result. In terms of colors, pastel shades are suitable for this type of manicure.

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