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How to use a nail drill machine?

To use a nail drill machine well, a few steps to follow to play with your nails as you wish. Step 1: Insert the desired tip (depending on your use). Step 2: We choose the rotation speed. Step 3: Use the file tip (for example) to remove layers of semi-permanent nail polish. Step 4: File carefully until the nail polish is gone. Step 5: Push back/remove […]

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Tips and tricks for using a nail drill

In fact, the use of electric nail drill isn’t as simple as we think. A little carelessness can seriously damage our nails and cuticles. In order for you to use the nail drill machine safely, we will tell you some tips for using the nail drill. Just keep reading! Here are some useful tips and tricks: Clean your equipment regularly. Remove […]

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A quick guide to buying the right nail lamp

These days, there are so many nail lamps available at widely varying prices and features that it can be difficult to choose. Which should you look for when buying? Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you a quick guide to buying the right nail lamp. Keep reading! 1. Check the dimensions of the dryer Some lamps will only fit 4 fingers […]

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The best nail drills in 2023

The nail drill is an excellent machine for private or salon use. If you do manicures and pedicures, this machine saves you time and is cost effective. Today, we will introduce you to the best electric nail drills in 2023. Maryton professional nail drills Rechargeable Control Box Full-view LCD screen, you can master the running state of the machine at any time. […]

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