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The use of electric nail drill

The electric nail drill is an extremely practical tool for nail technicians. Its efficiency allows you to save time drastically, which is not negligible. Today, we will tell you the use of electric nail drill. Just keep reading! The nail drill machine has several uses thanks to the different existing bits: Shorten nails. Polish the nails. Remove gel or dead skin. Push […]

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What should I look for in an electric nail file?

The differences between the different electric nail files available on the market are immense! So what should you look for when buying? Keep reading! This article will give you answers. The first point concerns the power supply. Do you want a battery operated electric nail file or is it also a model with power supply? Indeed, the battery variants are more practical, […]

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The essentials of nail care: electric nail drill and nail lamps

Whether you are an individual or a nail professional, you know that quality equipment is essential to the realization of your creations! Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will introduce you to electric nail drill and nail lamps. Electric nail drill As its name suggests, the electric nail drill is used for sanding! It is a tool with interchangeable tip and variable speed that […]

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How to have beautiful nails?

Having pretty hands is important, but having beautiful nails is even more so! How to have beautiful nails? How to have long and strong nails? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you. How to take care of your cuticles? Your cuticles invade your nails, they are dry and difficult to push back? Don’t panic. In a few gestures, […]

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