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15 Medium Length Hairstyles PYTs Should Try

Not too long and not too short, so what does one do with medium length hair? Would medium length hairstyles would suit us girls with such not-so-long-or-short hair? Confusion reigns and the parlor ladies too aren’t of great help. HAIRSTYLES FOR MEDIUM HAIR Let the confused minds be at rest we say, for we shall show you ideas on the […]

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9 Hairstyles That Actually Look Better With Frizz

Frizz has developed a bad reputation, and it’s a little undeserved. Besides those sleek, flat-ironed and wet-looking styles, there are hairdos that end up looking better with fly-aways. After all, they’re the key to really nailing the vibe of those messy looks like topknots and tousled waves. Need more proof? Check out these 9 runway-ready, frizzy hairstyles that are so […]

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