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Points that beginners should pay attention to when applying semi-permanent varnish

If you are a beginner, mastering the application of semi-permanent varnish can be difficult. It takes practice. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you some points that beginners should pay attention to when applying semi-permanent varnish. To help you do the thumbs first, place them under the lamp and then move on to the rest of the fingers. This will […]

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How to remove false nails without acetone?

Applying false nails with acetone is the simplest and easiest method to do. While this method can dissolve the glue on your nails, it can weaken and irritate the skin around your nails if you use it repeatedly! In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to remove false nails without acetone. Keep reading! There are different alternative methods without using […]

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Can I use semi-permanent varnish during my pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman is faced with various prohibitions and recommendations. Some are food-related, others concern makeup. Are you wondering if it is reasonable to wear semi-permanent nail polish? The nail supply expert Maryton answers you in this article. Pregnant, better to limit manicures Expecting a child leads to some daily changes, both on the plate and in the bathroom. However, this […]

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