9 Hairstyles That Actually Look Better With Frizz

Frizz has developed a bad reputation, and it’s a little undeserved. Besides those sleek, flat-ironed and wet-looking styles, there are hairdos that end up looking better with fly-aways. After all, they’re the key to really nailing the vibe of those messy looks like topknots and tousled waves.

Need more proof? Check out these 9 runway-ready, frizzy hairstyles that are so gorgeous, they may finally convince you to put down the smoothing spray and embrace all those rebellious tiny strands.

Frizz offsets the girliness of a sweet barrette for a well-balanced, lived-in look.

Blunt cuts can work with frizz, too. Make sure to blow-dry your bangs and define waves with a curl cream so the look doesn’t end up being one big pouf.

Fly-aways will keep floral headpieces from looking like the finishing touches of a princess costume.

Ever heard of “pancaking” your braid? That’s the frizz-enhancing technique that makes a plait look more effortless and less polished.

The key to making this hairstyle wearable is—you guessed it—frizz. After you’ve undone your curlers, brush through hair with a wide-tooth comb to bring it on.

A simple trick to making your ponytail look fuller—and your hair appear thicker–is to tease the hair and not tame the frizz.

More often than not, the topknot is meant to look messy. Frizz is the answer to the ultimate “woke up like this” hairstyle.

Updos feel way less severe and much more daytime appropriate with a few stray strands here and there.

The French twist instantly becomes more modern with volume-enhancing frizz.

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