15 Ways to Dress up for Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is a popular occasion for women to rest, relax and party it up! And choosing the right outfit for it is bit confusing.Generally one tends to choose the casual wear for it but if there is a brunch party or formal gathering  then you need to make a perfect combination for that occasion.So what to wear for brunch ?what shoes to wear for brunch ? This article will be a perfect guide for your Sunday brunch look. Hope you seek inspiration from them, as there is a style to suit all!

1. All Suited up – This outfit requires a clean-cut, well-tailored suit paired with a minimal shirt, bright lipstick and stylish necklace.


2. Rawr Denim Jacket with Skirt – Bring out your fierce side with this stylish women outfit. Paid a leopard or cheetah print with denims, for a sexy style.


3. Brunch Party Wear – Brunch is all about looking good, so choose a bright neon coloured dress. Pair this dress with a bold, statement necklace and matching bag. This will make you stand out at the Sunday brunch.


4. Bare Back – Flaunt that body by wearing a low-cut top from the back. This will highlight your curves and make you appear trendy!


5. Choose a Jumpsuit – Jumpsuits are very popular these days, especially brightly coloured ones. Pair yours with a big necklace and a chunky belt, with neon nails. This will make you appear funky, cool and stylish.


6. Stripes and Colours – This is an interesting outfit, with a striped top and a brightly coloured pair of pants. Pants are both stylish and formal, making you appear sophisticated at your brunch.


7. Brunch Wear for Black Women! – This style is all the rage these days, and is very easy to carry. Simply wear a brightly coloured jacket, a plain t-shirt and funky floral pants. Such a stylish way to dress up for the Sunday brunch!


8. Classic and Chic – This style is for all the classy and sophisticated ladies out there. It required wearing pastel colours and chiffon tops with a lace skirt. It is all about keeping it simple yet elegant at the brunch.


9. Celebrities Brunch Wear – Best way to remain abreast with any occasion dress is to lookup on top celebrities what they are wearing for such occasion.Here kendall jenner is spotted wearing denim top with leather tights for a casual sunday family brunch party.


10. Summer Outfit – Choose to keep your outfit plain and simple, and wear a bright handbag with it. The handbag will appear obvious and trendy.


11. Comfortable outfit – For all the sporty girls out there, this look is for you! Pair a t-shirt dress with a plain bucket handbag, sunglasses and white tennis sneakers for your next Sunday brunch.


12. Casual Wear for Brunch – To appear stylish, you can braid your hair in a fish-tale style braid. Pair it with a bright, floral bracelet and matching lipstick and heels.Cute hairstyle for Brunch that compliments this look.


13. Spring Wear – For all the busy moms out there, this look is for you to try out! Pair a shirt with a bright sweater, along with jeans and flat shoes. Flats are perfect footwear for sunday brunch.This will allow you to take care of your kids whilst hanging out with your friends.


14. Brunch Date Outfit! – For those attending the brunch with their boyfriends or husbands, you can always match your outfits! This will look super cute and chic at the brunch. Denim is a great way to match outfits.


15. Winter Brunch Wear – For Sunday brunches during winters, a brilliant wardrobe idea is to wear a long coat. The long coats for women can be in grey, brown or black colour, and it can be paired with a bright colourful t-shirt underneath or a handbag and shoes.


From: outfittrends.com

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