How to have pretty nails this summer?

With or without varnish, the manicure must always be impeccable. Here is our secrets to displaying beautiful hands without too much effort. Take out your manicure kit and follow us!

Simple formatting

Filing your nails and give them a nice rounded or almond effect. With a glass file, which won’t weakens the keratin and won’t makes the nail brittle. Attention: you must always operate in the same direction.

Cuticles under control

To avoid small unsightly skin around the nail, it is necessary to moisturize generously. Massage the nail and its surroundings daily with a balm or oil. If necessary, then push back the cuticles with a wooden stick.

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Gentle polishing

Erase in a jiffy any streaks or irregularities using a polisher. Use this accessory sparingly, every two weeks maximum, so as not to refine the area too much. If imperfections remain, apply a smoothing base.

A beautiful natural color

If they turn yellow due to tobacco, household products or varnish pigments, mix in a bowl the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water. Scrub the preparation with a nail brush or toothbrush, then rinse.

Gentle cleaning

Only the nail polish remover can remove the varnish. Choose a gentle formula, without acetone, and if possible in the form of an oil or cream, to prevent the nail from drying out. No need to scrub.

Properly applied nail polish

After applying a base on clean, dry and degreased nails, apply a thin layer of varnish as a primer, then a second, more homogeneous. Also put some on the edge of the nail to seal the color and avoid splinters due to shocks.

Top shine

The top coat is essential to make the color last, but also to give it a shiny finish. Put a thin layer on the nail and on its edge. Do not hesitate to apply top coat in a thin layer every two days to maintain the shine.

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