Which varnish color should you favor this fall?

In the fall, the landscape is adorned with pretty warm colors that make us want to do the same on our fingertips. But, which varnish color should you favor this fall? Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you answers in this article.

1. Earthy shades

Earthy tones are particularly popular for dressing up our nails in the fall. These sober, but warm and elegant colors have the great advantage of matching all styles. You will be ready for any occasion: professional meeting, romantic outings or outings with friends, etc.

2. Nude nails

Fall or not, nude nails have been a must have for many years. This tone comes in different versions that should be chosen according to your skin tone. For a natural and neat result, opt for shades of light beige, pink or matte peach if you have fair skin.

3. Black polish

A black polish will look great in the fall. It will give a stylish and sophisticated side to all your outfits. But beware, black is not suitable for all skin types, but rather for fairly dark skin tones.

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4. Dark green

Green is now on our nails this fall. But, you still have to select the right shade of green. For this, it is dark green that will be favored to recall the green of nature.

5. Metallic fingertips

You can absolutely opt for a shiny, lacquered or slightly glittery varnish when it suits you! Light-reflecting pigments will be perfect for bringing a touch of joy to the rather dreary fall season.

6. Mismatched manicure

To do this, apply a different first coat of varnish on each nail, but stay in the same family of colors. You will thus create a beautiful uniform or gradient “rainbow” effect on your nails.

You now know which varnish color to choose this fall. In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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