Which nail file to use?

The nail file, which is essential for any self-respecting manicure and often see in the manicure and pedicure set. But which nail file to use? How to find the right one? In this article, I will explain all the secrets to find the right file for our needs. Let’s start exploring the world of nail files to figure out which one to choose.

The glass file

Suitable for those with particularly fragile, thin nails that tend to flake off. It is delicate as it does not create heat on the surface, thus avoiding the creation of micro-cracks that will make the nails prone to flaking and breaking. It is also used like any other file for those who are trying to make them grow.

Cardboard file

Cardboard file is the most used, which often suitable for shortening, shaping and smoothing corners. Perfect for all types of nails as long as they are not too brittle. It exists in various grits (100, 150, 180): the first two are very hard and are used during gel or acrylic reconstructions. For those who have natural and non-reconstructed nails, a 180 grit is recommended. To prevent the nail from getting hot by using it, avoid filing it with “right and left” movements and only proceed in one direction.

 Four-phase file

This nail file is very special, because it has 4 different parts with different grain that are used for a complete manicure and perform different functions. The first part is used to shorten and give shape. Then you can finish the corners and the length with the part marked with the number 2.

The third section is used to smooth the surface, it is necessary to pass it gently on the nail bed to make the surface very smooth. Finally, the last section is used for polishing.

The effect is incredible and it will seem that you have put on clear nail polish. I recommend passing it on the nail with circular and delicate movements, without exaggerating, otherwise you will ruin the nail bed by reddening it and thinning it too much.

Six-step file

Composed of 6 different sections, each with its own specific use: the first two are used to shorten and define, they are used like any other nail file.

Sections three and four are designed to make the edge perfectly smooth and avoid the formation of accumulations of keratin that make the edge irregular. Phase 5 smooths the surface of the nail and 6 polishes it as for the 4-phase one.

And you? Which one do you use? I hope with this post I have given you some pointers on how to choose the nail file.

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