What is the Perfect Nail Shape?

Oval, square, pointed, almond-shaped … every woman asks herself this question frequently. But what is the perfect nail shape? and do to get it?

What are the most common forms of nails

Before an appointment with the beautician for a manicure session, we focus on the choice of nail polish color, nail art and decorations, neglecting instead which shape to give to our nails. It may seem strange but sometimes the shape of the nail can affect the appearance of the hand even more than the color of the nail polish. So let’s see what are the popular and stylish nail shapes and how to get them.

Oval: it is the most classic shape, easier to make and which adapts well to all hands and all lengths. In its simplicity, the oval nail is nevertheless refined and elegant, it is a passepartout that adapts to any occasion and any outfit. To obtain a rounded shape, simply file the nails starting from the side and then finish rounding the tip as well.

Square: square nails are the most suitable for nail art. Compared to oval nails, the square ones do not adapt well to all lengths, in fact it is better to wear them of medium length and are. However, Square nails require more “maintenance” because they must be filed often and they are also those with the greatest tendency to break this happens.

Squoval: squoval nails are born from the fusion of the two previous shapes, they are very stylish and trendy. We have a large surface but the corners are rounded. so there is no risk. Squoval nails are more beautiful when worn in medium to long length.

Almond-shaped: the almond-shaped nail is considered the elegant nail par excellence, with their vintage and retro look. Thanks to this shape, it is possible to give the impression of a hand with tapered fingers. However, almond nails require a flawless polish always and in any case and do not lend themselves well to excessive nail art.

Stiletto: pointed or stiletto nails are the most popular nails of American and Japanese nails and beauty addicts. They are not very comfortable in everyday life, given the length and the tip and are not suitable for all types of work. However, they have a somewhat aggressive appearance so it would be better to balance the effect with neutral colors or in any case not too strong.

Coffin nails or ballerina: In practice we have pointed nails in which the tip is squared in order to have the shape that closely resembles the tip of ballerina shoes, from which it takes its name. Just like pointed nails, these too are more suitable for long, tapered hands, on short hands the effect is likely to be inelegant so it should be avoided.

From reading this article, you should have a try and see which one you like best! If you want finish it at home, just buy some manicure and pedicure sets at our Maryton nail supply website to have nails that are the envy of anyone.

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