Unicorn Makeup Brushes Will Soon Come in Rose Gold

When the internet lost its mind over unicorn makeup brushes, we were right there with ‘em. It’s no secret that we love the mystical creatures as much as your most magical unicorn-loving BFF. Now, the brilliant peeps behind Unicorn Lashes (yep, that’s their fanciful name) are releasing a new batch of their super popular brushes, only this time they’re all about that gorgeous rose gold vibe.

With the original 10-piece Full Unicorn Set ($55) including all of your essentials such as contour, fan, powder and liner brushes, the new collection looks to be just as practical and just as whimsical.

Introducing the new set on Instagram, the beauty brand simply added, “Then came gold… ? #unicornbrushes #ROYALEcollection.” With the horn handle tinted in the über-popular rose gold shade, the brush itself is pure white with deep red tips.
And fans are definitely psyched, responding with excitement such as “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” and “it’s official. All I want for Christmas is these oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please.”
But we’ll have to wait a little while, as this new collection won’t be available until 2017 — and with the original set selling out twice, you’ll want to be sure to work your magic to get your hands on these seemingly enchanted brushes.
Which set of unicorn brushes do you love more (or do you love ‘em both equally because OMG they’re magically awesome)?

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