Top 10 Food & Drink Costumes for Halloween

When you’re planning your Halloween party, make sure you’re providing your guests with appetizers and entrees that they’ll remember. If you want to take things a step further, they’ll never forget what they ate if they’re talking to their food all night!
If you don’t want to be scary or spooky this Halloween, honor your favorite foods by dressing like them. We want to hook you up with a few delicious and popular halloween costumes this year, and some great recipes to match!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

1. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Costume time! What is better than dressing as your favorite sandwich this Halloween season? If you really want to be a hit at the party, bring miniature peanut butter jelly sandwiches and say they’re your children.

Nerd It Out

2. Nerd It Out

Don’t be afraid to let your dork flag fly freely! Throw some glasses on to give this candy costume the finishing touches, and have the ladies going geeky for you when you hand them a delicious cocktail.

Pineapples Galore

3. Pineapples Galore

Be the island sensation of your fruit basket of friends when you wear this pineapple female halloween costumes! Take it up a notch and bring your own homemade sorbets to go with your fruity new look!

Bacon and Eggs

4. Bacon and Eggs

What goes better with bacon than eggs? This bacon and eggs costume is the perfect look for you and your match. Give your favorite breakfast a twist with this avocado recipe.

Pizza Man

5. Pizza Man

Put a new definition to the term “Pizza Man” when you throw on this slice of the best halloween costumes for men. Everybody jumps out of their seats when we hear the delivery boy rings the doorbell, but we can’t promise you’ll have the same effect on your friends.

Peas in a Pod

6. Peas in a Pod

You’ll be two peas in pod all with this clever pea pod costume. Try something new and bring incredible pea-inspired recipes to your next Halloween party!

Ice Cream Craze

7. Ice Cream Craze

Play some music as you stroll past in this ice cream costume, but you better watch out. The kids (and adults) are going to come running! Satisfy the craving by distributing some ice cream treats.

Taco Madness

8. Taco Madness

What is in your favorite taco? Our Taco Costume has it all, and no ingredient is left untouched. When you walk in the door, the eyes and stomachs will grow and the crowd will gather around you.

Party In A Can

9. Party In A Can

You will bring the party with you in this sleek Diet Coke costume! Don’t be afraid to try something new with these Diet Coke inspired recipes, sometimes the best things come from the most unexpected places.

M&M Deliciousness

10. M&M Deliciousness

Enjoy being the fun loving yellow M&M with this easy to wear costume, or take in even more fun and be the whole bag! Do more with your colored candies by implementing them into some baked desserts, too!

Don’t be afraid to step out of the candy box and try something new! Dressing up for Halloween or any event can be so much more than just putting on a costume – It could mean bringing along some delicious treats for your friends to enjoy, too.


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