These nail polish colors give a much more chic look

The great thing about nail polish is that it is a very simple and affordable way to improve your overall look in no time. Here are the nail polish colors that have the power to elevate your look to a high-end level.

Baby nude

It offers a minimalist and sophisticated look. In combination with light clothing or with a total nude general look, you will look particularly chic and elegant.


Nowadays, this color when it dresses our nails, is synonymous with chic and class, especially when it is found on short and impeccably manicured nails.

Moss green

Moss green is a subtle and elegant color that is sort of a cross between a cheerful khaki green and a dull sage green. This color, although bold, remains discreet and fresh and offers a minimalist look on all skin tones.


The autumnal version of red, burgundy, is now a must all year round on our nails. Also called “black red”, this color immediately gives a chic and elegant look to your look, whatever your look!

Now that you’ve know the nail polish colors that make you look more chic, you can use gentle manicure kits to begin your manicure! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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