The Most Flattering One-Piece Bathing Suit

Last week, we told you about the most flattering bikini bottoms on the planet (hint: they come from Australia) and this week we’ve got the most flattering one piece suits–because let’s face it not all of us can or want to wear teenie weenie bikinis.

I found this style while shopping for myself. I hadn’t worn a one piece since just after giving birth to my daughter when I was dealing with some excess tummy weight, but I decided if it was supremely flattering in hiding my flaws then, it still would be now. After trying on countless styles (no the Baywatch, super high leg holes are NOT flattering for hippy girls like myself)–I found this “V” style that made me look instantly thinner at the waist…

Suits with that create a V and an upside down V at the waist-either with cut outs or with lines (pictured)–were supremely flattering. They’re like an illusion dress and give the appearance of a smaller, cinched waist.
I could not believe that I’d lived 31 years on this planet without knowing this secret or owning one of these suits. I recommend opting for a style with a small cut-out; too much of a cut out and you get a Paris Hilton-like monokini situation, and love handles and back fat can majorly spill over in those. I also like ones that aren’t a cut out at all–but create the illusion of a V and inverted V with things like colorblocking or structural lines.

VILANYAS Cheap One Piece Swimsuits with Hollow Out & Straps Detail ($22.5)

Shoshanna Pleated Waves Monokini One Piece Swimsuit ($168.30, down from $198)

Kate Spade New York Plage Du Midi Maillot ($120)

CHROMAT X Bustier cut out one piece swimsuits ($288)

Kate Spade New York Plage Du Midi Maillot ($120)

KOPPER & ZINK Gomez One Piece ($220)

CHROMAT Amelia Suit ($258)

Mara Hoffman Leaf Twist white one piece swimsuit ($238)

Karla Colletto V Neck Swimsuit ($322)

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Crochet One Piece ($198)

Lenny Niemeyer Solar Maillot ($247)

OYE Swimwear Elvira Daring Deep V black one piece swimsuit ($350)



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