The lemon that is good for your nails!

It is true that you can beautify your nails thanks to the varnishes. However, this should not make you forget to take care of your nails beforehand. And precisely, for this, the lemon is a great ally!

Lemon whitens nails

It is well known, lemon is a citrus fruit that has a thousand and one virtues. Used in the field of beauty, it works miracles. Indeed, being detoxifying, lemon will remove all unsightly stains. In this regard, it is then advisable to rub your nails with a piece of lemon or even dip your fingertips in the squeezed juice.

Moreover, the nail polishes can leave traces once removed. So faced with this discomfort, the nails deserve an in-depth treatment. For this, we recommend mixing lemon and baking soda and then heating it up for a few seconds before applying it to the nails. Leave on for two to three minutes then rinse.

Lemon to help brittle nails

It is recommended to mix the citrus juice with sweet almond oil. The role of sweet almond oil will be to moisturize the nail. It will therefore be necessary to soak your fingers for a few minutes in this small mixture. The nails will come out beautiful and with a great appearance.

Do not forget to treat your nails daily by having a bottle available in which you have put a tablespoon of olive oil, sweet almond oil and a small drizzle of lemon juice. You can then take care of your nails whenever you want.

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