The choice of varnish for the end of the year celebrations

Do you know how to celebrate the end of the year? Did you forget your nail polish at the end of the year celebration? Don’t panic! Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

1. For an elegant and discreet look

If you want to keep a discreet look during the holiday season, while being elegant, nude is the best solution. Indeed, beige, salmon or light pink, these beautiful colors will enhance your hands!

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2. For a sober look

For an understated look, not bling-bling or flashy, opt for colors such as gray, taupe or aubergine. These are very beautiful winter colors that will give you a trendy but also sober look.

3. For a classy look

For a chic style, I suggest the most elegant, glamorous, sensual, chic color… Red! And yes, burgundy, burgundy, cinnabar, poppy, fire or poppy red, red with all its nuances, is the classiest color for an end-of-year party.

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4. For a bling-bling chic look

Instead of a golden or silver varnish, you can put all kinds of colors: beige, red, black, pink and add your own bling-bling touch with a glitter varnish. As a result, you can apply rhinestones or even patterns of fir trees or shiny snowflakes.

We hope you enjoy this article! To get all the necessary equipment, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure set! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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