The advantages and disadvantages of the semi-permanent varnish

Semi-permanent varnish is a revolutionary invention for manicure and pedicure enthusiasts. Due to the semi-permanent varnish, you can keep your manicure for 2-3 weeks. Today, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of semi-permanent varnish. Keep reading!

The advantages of semi-permanent varnish:

  • Its long-lasting hold which can go up to 3 weeks if the nail polish has been applied with care, and on healthy nails.
  • This manicure can resist all tasks and various daily shocks. What’s more, you no longer have to do touch-ups every 4 days.
  • The other advantage of semi-permanent nail polish is also its drying time of only 30 seconds.
  • The semi-permanent varnish also gives shine from the first coat, compared with a classic varnish.
  • This type of varnish is also its wide palette of shades. It allows you to have colored nails according to your mood.

The disadvantages of semi-permanent varnish:

Semi-permanent nail polish has a reputation for hurting nails, but it really isn’t. It all depends on how it was applied, but also on the condition of your nail. If it is already weakened, applying the varnish can only damage it. Also, you have to know how to choose your nail polish. Some products used are of poor quality, and may damage your nails.

OK! You have know the advantages and disadvantages of semi-permanent varnish, take your manicure sets into action now! Looking forward to seeing your new manicure.

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