Take care of your toenails

Most women neglect their toenails. They spend a lot of money on their fingernails, and leave their toenails cracked and without any shape or color. Do you remember the last time you had a pedicure? And yes, it’s time to take care of your toenails!

1. Hygiene

The first thing to do to have beautiful nails is to clean them daily. Soak your feet every evening in a basin of warm salt water. This will not only allow you to relax, but also fight the nail fungus. After about ten minutes of relaxation, rub your nails well and especially the contours with soap and once a week with an exfoliant.

2. Hydration

The edges of the nails tend to form small dead skin and it is very unpleasant aesthetically! Even fingernails tend to look dry and cracked. Therefore, proper hydration is essential. Massage your feet, your nails and their contours every evening with olive oil. Then wear clean socks. You’ll have baby feet and zero dead skin or dry, brittle nails.

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3. Cut the nails well

Toenails should be trimmed every two to three weeks. Because long toenails can cause an ingrown toenail. Cutting them regularly is good, but you have to know how to cut them well! Unlike fingernails, toenails should preferably be cut into a square shape rather than a rounded one. Because the rounded shape can cause an ingrown toenail !

4. A regular pedicure

 If you don’t want to spend money on a pedicure every month, you can do it yourself! And here are the steps:

  • Soak the feet in warm water for about fifteen minutes so that the nails and the cuticles become flexible,
  • Exfoliate well,
  • Cut the nails,
  • File the nails so that the edge is not thick,
  • remove cuticles,
  • Moisturize the feet with a cream or with sweet almond oil,
  • Make a first coat of basic varnish and another in color if you wish.

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