Removing semi-permanent varnish step by step

In addition to professional manicure equipment, removing semi-permanent varnish requires knowing the proper steps. Today, your nail supply specialist Maryton will explain to you how to remove semi-permanent varnish step by step.

Step 1: remove the top coat

First of all, you have to remove all the top coat with a nail file. It must be filed so that the solvent can more easily take off the layer of semi-permanent. If you use a buffing block, medium or even small grain should be selected.

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Step 2: Dissolve the polish using foil wraps

Take your cotton strips, soak them in acetone-based nail polish remover, and apply them to the nail. Then wrap them with foil wrappers. In general, the exposure time lasts 20 minutes. Soaking the tips of the nails doesn’t dissolve the polish, but helps it peel off.

Step 3: remove the layer of semi-permanent nail polish

Once these 20 minutes have passed, use a cuticle pusher and gently remove the remaining semi-permanent varnish residue.

Step 4: move on to the finishes

Use a buffer or sponge file to complete the removal if there are any varnish residues. Don’t forget to apply a hardener. Nail care remains essential for the beauty of the hands and their health.

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