PaMu Slide: Airpods Terminator With a Pre-set Price $49

Pamu Slide is a true wireless headphones that is dubbed ‘Black Airpods’ or ‘Airpods Killer’ and has been supported by more than 80,000 people with a fund-raising amount of more than 4 million USD. So what’s this special headset for? Let’s find out together.


Pamu Slide’s design looks a bit like an Airpods, which is why it is called ‘Black Airpods’. Here we have a few differences such as no bulb and housing size that seems larger, so is the charging box. However, these “bigger” things all bring features to eat off Airpods.

Mini Bluetooth Earphones PaMu Slide Unboxing First Views

With in-ear design, you can comfortably move without worry Pamu Slide falls out of the ear. If you do not like the ear-sticking style, you may loosen up a bit but still stick to your ear.

Pamu Slide’s housing has a rubber coating, in addition to being a decorative feature, it also works to reduce the possibility of failure if it falls to the ground. Only this rubber layer is also very easy to dust, dirt, you need to pay attention to regular hygiene.

The talk microphone is placed on the inside of the headset. This type of design has the advantage of preventing wind into Mic, making the quality of conversation better. In addition, it has an additional 2 mics that perceive ambient sound to eliminate noise and only convey your voice to the other end.

The charger box in addition to the headset charging function also has a wireless charging function for other devices. An interesting emergency solution in case the phone runs out of battery. Charger box with 2000mAh capacity and fast charging, just charge 5 minutes Pamu Slide can play music for 1 hour. You can monitor its battery through the LED array located on the box.

The mechanism of the slide to open the box is also different from the rest of the market, the headset is kept in the box by magnets so it is very secure and safe.

In addition, Pamu Slide’s water-resistant technology is also among the highest in the true wireless headphone market, IPX6 standard. Not only does it sweat during practice, but even if it’s raining, you don’t have to use headphones.

Touch touch

Pamu Slide offers a very good slow touch experience. For example, you can touch the housing to the left and right to Play / Pause, when an incoming call touches once to receive the call, tap twice to reject the call. Generally not much different from Airpods. The headset will turn itself off when placed in the charging box and turn on automatically when removed.

Sound quality

Pamu Slide is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 processor chip, this is the most advanced True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth chip at this time. Thanks to this chip, Pamu Slide can bring better sound. Support AptX decoding codec, superior connectivity thanks to Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus technology. This technology allows two left channels to receive independent signals from the phone, thereby reducing signal latency and connectivity being more secure than conventional technology.

Pamu Slide’s sound quality is very rich and detailed, especially treble. The details of the music are beautifully reproduced, something that no true wireless headset can do.

Battery life

Pamu Slide can play music continuously for 10 hours, if using the included charger box can listen to a total of up to 72 hours. Compared to the wireless headphones in the market, this battery level is extremely impressive.


Bringing in some valuable improvements, Pamu Slide is now a true wireless headset that is loved by the people. And as mentioned, there are now more than 80,000 people “laying bricks” to own this on the Indiegogo fundraising channel. If you want to own it for $ 49 USD (about VND 1.1 million) or Plus version for $ 69 (about VND 1.6 million), you can order according to this link. Products with 3 colors Black, White and Green for your choice. Only a few more days this event will end so please hurry up!

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