PaMu Scroll: the Most Famous Headphones on The Web

You have certainly heard of it. Not because these PaMu Scrolls are the product of a company famous for the audio sector, but for how much success they have found on the web. In fact, on Indiegogo they reached a share of $ 3,343.539, a staggering figure.

We bought them for $ 39 and therefore our impressions will be related to the purchase price. However, the offer we use is no longer present, and we will keep it in mind during the review.


We find the bare essentials: the headphones inside their charging case, a micro-USB cable, a couple of additional rubber caps and an instruction manual.

PaMu Scroll: the Most Famous Headphones on The Web

Construction and Comfort

They are different than all the competition. The case, which also acts as a charging base for the earphones, is cylindrical in shape and highly sought after in the finishes and materials. The closure is ensured by a flap in faux leather, which gives a feeling of quality to the touch that cannot be reached with plastic, and by a really solid magnetic system. Unfortunately, this type of design affects a fundamental aspect of this type of product: portability. The case is in fact too large and certainly not suitable to be carried in the trouser pocket.

As for the comfort of headphones instead, it’s a whole other story! They are very comfortable (almost forget about wearing them) and remain solidly anchored to the ear. I also tried them during the race and they don’t mention any movement. The PaMu Scrolls are also resistant to splashes, thanks to the IPX6 certification.

Audio quality and functionality

The PaMu Scrolls amaze with regard to audio quality. The sound is well studied, the bass is very present but does not interfere with the quality of the mids and highs. This is rather good passive insulation from the outside, thanks to the fact that they are true wireless in ear headphones. Obviously we are not talking about perfection, but at a price of $ 39 the overall quality is more than satisfactory!

Another important aspect is the technology used, namely Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a truly lightning-fast pairing (even between the two earphones) and does not compromise the vision of video content such as movies or simply the use of YouTube.

On the outside, these PaMu Scrolls have touch controls that can be activated from both headphones. It is possible to issue the play / pause command, change tracks and recall the assistant (Google or Siri). It is unfortunately not possible to adjust the volume with a real command, except through the assistant. The microphone for calls is there and is quite good, not excellent in situations of high ambient noise. I applaud that the calls are in stereo.


And here comes out one of the big problems of these PaMu Scrolls. Not so much for the life of the headphone battery, which is indeed noticeable: 3 hours and a half. Disappointing is the case, which only ensures 2 more full refills. I was expecting much more given the excessive size of the case. In addition, it suffers from a severe battery draining: in about 10 days it is completely discharged, although it does not use headphones.


PaMu Scrolls are currently available for $ 75 on Moldac. PadMate says the price will soon reach $ 149 and at that point, their purchase will no longer be motivated. Already at $ 75 according to us it is worthwhile to bet on other products… for example the Liberty Air by Anker.

We leave you below a series of full-wireless headphones that are worth considering for the purchase of this type of headphones.

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