Padmate PaMu Scroll T3 TWS Headphones

Pamu Scroll T3 is contained in a cylindrical box made from very unique suede, and the open lid is locked with a magnet. The headset case is integrated with PIN and microUSB charging port makes it more convenient to charge.

Padmate PaMu Scroll T3 TWS Headphones

Pamu Scroll Headset T3 Equipped with bluetooth 5.0 is able to pair with Android and iOS phones or computers easily and quickly. When you have paired the headset with the phone, the headset will automatically connect when removing the headset from the charger cover.

Pamu Scroll earbuds are equipped with soft and quite comfortable silicone when worn on the ear, which helps to minimize ear pain but normal headphones. They are marked with the left and right and positioned correctly to confuse the user when wearing the headset and placing the soundproof headphones quite well, helping to bring the best music experience to the fullest without mixing the noise from environment around. And the design is firmly attached to the ear, so it will rarely cause headphones to drop when worn so it helps users feel more secure.

PaMu Scroll: the Most Famous Headphones on The Web

In addition, the Pamu scroll headset is equipped with IPX6 standard water proof and anti-sweat primer, so it adds sound quality.

Pamu Scroll Headset T3 has no physical buttons. Instead, you can touch the side of the headset to perform actions such as pausing and playing, skip tracks and receive phone calls if you connect them to a smartphone to make a phone call. Handsfree. It works well and makes the conversion of sheet music a doddle. Unfortunately, a function you can’t do is adjust the volume.

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