Nails that bend to the sides: how to do?

You have done so much to make them grow with strengthening bases, natural packs and a balanced diet and now you have the problem of nails that bend at the sides, becoming decidedly unsightly? With this post,  you will understand the underlying reasons that cause this small imperfection and how to remedy it.

Nails that bend at the sides and sag: causes

Let’s start by saying that the problem of nails that bend at the sides appears in case of severe dryness and lack of hydration: this often happens to those who wear gel reconstruction, semi-permanent nail polish or to those often use the solvent. How to do it then? The remedies are there!

Hydration is the watchword: first of all, we must essentially act on this very important aspect that is very often neglected in this area of our body.

How to act that your nails do not bend

Acting is very simple: just wipe your hands with professional nail supplies, making sure you also massage it on the surface of the nail and around the cuticles. As a shock treatment, I recommend adding a couple of drops of sweet almond oil and covering your hands with a pair of cotton gloves, keeping it on for 10 minutes.

A slightly faster method to avoid the problem is massage drops of olive or almond oil directly with your fingertips on the nail bed up to the edge  making it absorb completely.

These precautions are used to prevent the nails from curling on the sides, if you are already afflicted by them. I suggest you to remedy them by filing them at the corners, giving them an oval or square / oval shape.

Other useful tips:

  • After having kept your hands in the bathroom for a long time always put moisturizer, even on your fingertips. If possible, always use gloves.
  • Do not use solvents with acetone, make sure that the product you use or that you have to buy does not contain this harmful element.
  • Always use a nail base, even if you use light or lightly pigmented nail polishes.
  • Avoid shortening your nails using the nail clipper.

I hope with these tips I have given you some tips on how to prevent the problem of nails curling on the sides. Hoping it may have been of help,  All that remains is to invite you to try and wish you a good manicure!

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