Nails Extension with Map

Do you have nails that are too short and would you like to have them long and beautiful? Today you can! There are many ways to lengthen your nails naturally, as well as eyelash extensions. To lengthen the nail, just rebuild it. How to do the nail reconstruction? With gel or acrylic with the use of the tip or paper.

To artificially lengthen the nail with the paper, a special adhesive graph paper is used which is applied under the free edge of the nail on which the gel is applied. The maps are readily available in all professional nail supplies and are used only for the stretching phase.

How to do a nail design with the map?

To do a nail reconstruction proceed as follows:

  • First of all, a quick manicure is done with the removal of skin and cuticles by pushing the latter upwards. Then we move on to disinfection of the hands and nails.
  • The nail is prepared with the buffer to remove the first layer of fat making it viscous and the primer is applied.
  • Insert the map paying attention not to leave any space between the nail and the map.
  • The gel is spread on the nail and on the paper to the desired length. The advice is to make the nail longer and then shorten it when modeling the gel. Remove the excess gel with the cleaner and put the nail in the lamp to polymerize the gel, it will only take 60 seconds.
  • Remove the paper and apply more gel creating the famous camber. This is essential to make the nail resistant to blows. Put the nail back into the lamp and move on to shaping with the file.
  • Pass the gel polish of the desired color and cure with each pass. If you wish you can get a nail art done right now.
  • Finally pass the top coat and massage with oil.

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