Mix and match manicure, how to match colors?

Today we are talking about the possibilities of combining several colors on your nails. For your nails, you never know what colors or nail art to choose. With the mix and match manicure, you no longer need to think. How to match colors? What should you absolutely not do? Just follow us!

How to match colors on a manicure?

The mix and match manicure is a manicure whose nails are varnished in several colors or decorated with different nail art. The colors can be in the same tone and more or less deep. You get a nice shade of colors. You also have the essential Baby boomer. Generally, the baby boomer offers a nice gradient from pink to white.

One nail of each color, what conditions?

For a more punchy look, allow yourself citrus-colored nails for the summer. You can put very pep colored varnishes and cover the nails with pretty glitter. It is also quite possible to choose a color, for example red. Then you have to choose variants of this color, lighter or darker. The chocolate color combined with cream and coffee shades is a good idea too. It remains elegant.

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Mistakes not to make

Even if you get loose with the mix and match manicure, be careful not to get too carried away. The risk is to appear too kitsch. It’s the same for nail art, even if the possibilities are endless, you have to exclude the geometric pattern next to the animal design, unless the colors used are the same on all the nails. The whole must remain coherent and harmonious.

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