Mini Bluetooth Earphones PaMu Slide Unboxing First Views

A few days ago, they contacted me to analyze a product that I have in my hands, they call it pamu slide. What I’m going to do is bring the full review on the main channela. They indicate us some key technical characteristics. Bluetooth 5.0 what is very good in noise reduction, IPX 6 resistant to water & sweat. I will show a little how is the sale package look like, and what are included in the box and how is the product first impressions, for what I’m seeing is not bad.

Mini Bluetooth Earphones PaMu Slide Unboxing First Views 2

What is the packaging we have seem, the first translucent sheet that protects what is the box. We open the box and in the end we will see a container, in which I guess it’s going to include documentation to know a little bit better how to handle the device. Over here, we have effectively a user guide in several languages for knowing details of the device. And then, we see a USB charging cable. And we have here some pads, what we are going to do is checking what are we have apart from this true wireless earphones. These little pad that is obviously silicone, it’s not a very hard silicone, it’s pretty soft. We will see how it adapts to the ear.

The earbuds has a led that shines in red and blue, because it is in process of pairing. They have a body of plastic this part of here, looks like silicone and this part of here would be plastic too. The area of the stick is not exactly long, what is good is the point of aesthetic view. They are not heavy in fact, they are quite light, it’s not bad at the design level. I will give more technical details in description of the artile. What can see is a usb port, and a little button that will help me to understand the battery status of this case. I will bring it to the channel within a few days after performing and take them check on the ground if they are comfortable and hold well. I would use them for sport even though they hold down really well, that means that the silicone pads make a good job. For more detail of the pamu slide earbuds, you can visit moldac website.

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