Manicure: all you need to know about gel nails

Do you want to have false nails applied but do not know which nail sculpting method to use? We explain everything you need to know about the gel nail technique.

The gel nail is a false nail technique, which involves covering the natural nail by applying different layers of gel, dried under a UV lamp. The false nail can be done with a capsule that is then covered with gel, square or almond shaped. The rendering is aesthetic, with a shiny surface, and the flexible and supple texture prevents them from being easily broken. The gel nails can last for up to 4 weeks without chipping before a touch-up is necessary.

To successfully apply gel nails, you must start by defining the method you want to use:

  • Applying the gel directly to natural nails to strengthen them;
  • Applying a removable extension or capsule on natural nails to extend them.

First, clean and degrease your nails first. Your nails should be cleaned well with warm water, soap and a brush. File your nails and push back the cuticles, before disinfecting everything with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. If you have opted for capsules, you must stick them directly on your nails using a special glue. And the gel is allowed to dry under a special UV lamp.

To remove a gel nail, there are 4 different methods:

  • Go to a nail salon. A prosthetist can remove your false nails and apply care to them so as not to damage your natural nails. The service costs depending on the institute.
  • Remove your nails yourself by soaking them in acetone. To protect your nails, cover the cuticles with a layer of petroleum jelly. Then heat acetone lightly in a double boiler and apply it to your nails with a cotton ball. Leave it on your nail for 30 minutes, making sure it doesn’t move, before rinsing your fingers.
  • Remove your nails yourself by filing them: cut your nails very short, then file the surface with a nail file, until the surface of your natural nail appears. Then change files to finish the operation using a thinner file, and finish by moisturizing your fingernails and fingers.
  • Remove your nails yourself by peeling them off: take a wooden stick and insert it under the gel to gently peel off the false nail. Finally, polish the surface of your nails and moisturize them well.

Never try to pull out the false nail, and wait at least a week before applying gel nails again. Your natural nails will be able to breathe and stay healthy. Hoping to have been helpful! If you want to know more about nail products, just click here!

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