Hygiene in beauty centers

Hygiene is an essential and fundamental concept within the dynamics of all aesthetic and beauty centers. In addition, these establishments and clinics have experienced strong growth, making it more important, if necessary, to prioritize their health measures.

These centers can make use of the materials and advice offered by the beauty product suppliers which will be mentioned in the following lines.

Each center has its own standards and is obliged to comply with its obligations in order to prevent risks. In this context, people dedicated to beauty and aesthetic services must show greater respect and meticulousness. Their responsibilities must be sensitive, especially in terms of health. In this case, it is possible to use specific techniques concerning hygiene and certain products, such as those set out below.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that aesthetic centers are enclosures in which, due to the constant transit of people and the activities carried out there, pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria or virus. These organisms, only visible under a microscope, are the main causes of various infectious diseases of varying severity.

Therefore, it is fundamental to remember how they can be fought at different stages. First of all, it is necessary to clean the objects used with water and a chemical product or soap. This step does not eliminate pathogens, but removes visible residue. Thus, it prepares the surface for the next step: disinfection.

Metal and plastic accessories will have to go through the disinfection stage. It should be taken into account the nail products (pumice stone, cotton, nail file, etc.) must be thrown away after simple use. Disinfection is carried out with an approved product and by carefully following the instructions.

The final phase of this cleaning regimen is sterilization. Although it is not mandatory in all aesthetic premises, it is highly recommended. It allows the destruction of all forms of microbial life through the application of pressure and heat from an autoclave.

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