How to take care of your nails with essential oils?

Do your nails seem weakened, soft or brittle? Essential oils can become your allies, provided you choose them well, but also use them with care. Follow the Maryton nail supply, discover 4 essential oils that will help you take care of your nails, as well as my tips for using these essential oils before or after a manicure.

Lemon essential oil

Ideal for whitening yellowed nails, this essential oil also promotes blood micro-circulation, which directly contributes to nail growth and good health.

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Castor essential oil

Castor oil can help you take care of your nails, especially if they are soft or easily brittle. Fortifying and nourishing, castor oil contributes to the production of keratin.

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most suitable natural cosmetics for treating damaged nails. It will allow you to fight against yellow nails, but also against fungal infections if you use it as a cure.

Basil essential oil

Basil has fortifying and purifying properties, it can thus help you to repair ridged nails, or to strengthen damaged nails.

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Nails and essential oils: what precautions?

First of all, never apply an essential oil to your skin or to your nails without first diluting it. Extremely concentrated in active ingredients, essential oils can be particularly aggressive for the skin. You will therefore have to dilute the essential oil of your choice with a neutral base, such as vegetable oil or floral water, respecting the recommended doses.

In addition, the application of an essential oil on your nails just before a manicure can affect its good performance. This is why you will also have to make sure to space out your essential oil-based treatments and your nail beauty treatments.

OK! Now that you have known how to take care of your nails with essential oils, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail products. We have everything all you need.

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