How to take care of your nails after gel removal?

Gel nail is one of the most popular trends today, it can last for a long time. However, as time passes, people want the remove the gel. We all know that improper removal will seriously damage our natural nails. Do you know how to take care of your nails after gel removal? Here are some useful tips:

Castor oil

For the first two weeks after removal, you should applied castor oil daily to your nails, cuticles and base of your nails. Rather than doing oil baths, applied it by massaging and left it on for 1 to 2 hours. Castor oil is supposed to nourish them, protect them but also stimulate growth.

The hardener

After these 2 weeks of treatment with castor oil, you should switch to the hardener. Using it on your nails, then your nails will be harder than before. In addition, It also forms a natural barrier that protects your nails from outside damage.

Another little tip is to apply castor oil around the nail just before applying the hardener to prevent it from getting on the skin and hardening and damaging the skin around the nail. The varnish dries quickly, you can quickly wash your hands afterwards and go about your business without getting oil everywhere.

Finally, you will find that this routine has been very effective in taking care of your nails! In addition to these tips above, you had better have a professional manicure set to care for your nails in anytime. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at our site, you will find everything you need.

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