How to properly remove false nails?

In order to have a perfect manicure, have you fallen for beautifully colored gel nails? However, after a few weeks it is time to remove them and this step is not the easiest. Take a look at this blog to remove them without damaging your natural nails.

False nails are the miracle solution when you can’t hold long natural nails. But when the time comes to remove them, we don’t always know how to go about it. To remove false nails, it is better to contact the nail technician who did the installation for you. The operation can be delicate and damage the natural nail. If you still want to perform this operation yourself, we will  explain how to remove false nails, and make sure you have the professional manicure sets.

Use a nail file to remove fake nails!

The first technique for removing your false nails is to cut the false nails as short as possible and remove the nail polish. Once that’s done, get a coarse-grained nail file and a small-grained, cardboard or glass nail file. Start rubbing the false nails gently with the grosgrain file, taking care to file in all directions for an even result. As soon as you feel or see your natural nail, exchange your coarse-grain file for the small-grain file and repeat the operation gently. For the end of the operation, you can use a polisher to restore luster to your nails.

Use dental floss to remove his false nails!

The second technique to remove your false nails is to use dental floss! But you cannot perform this technique alone, you will need another person to help you remove your false nails. First start by lifting your false nails by their base, with a cuticle stick. Once this is done, the other person will have to pass the dental floss between your natural nail and the false nail then exercise a back and forth very gently to remove the false nails. If this method is not done carefully, you can hurt yourself badly.

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