How to Coordinate Your Dress with Your Footwear

Shoes can make or break your outfit that’s why they’re known as the reigning king of stylish accessories. Look in the average woman’s closet and you’ll see 20 pairs of shoes looking back at you. To make your shoes complement your statement, keep on reading for our tricks on how to coordinate your dress with your footwear.

1. When wearing a statement-making or graphic print dress, resort to nude or muted sandals.

You probably already know that fashion is a balancing act. If you’re wearing a graphic print or statement-making dress, balance it with a pair of nude shoes or sandals in a muted shade. Though you’ll see red carpet outfits that manage to statement shoes work with some other outlandish outfits, for most of us, the basic rules still apply, especially if you’re not in a fashion industry. However, where neutral shoe colors have always been considered a safe and reliable fashion choice, playing it too safe today could end up branding you as a fashion frump. So always go for a balanced statement.

2. When wearing a sequin dress, you can team the metallic color on your shoes.

Shoes are a big deal, and the right shoe choice can make or break your sequined outfit. Sequined dresses are in a league of their own. Sequined styles are a fierce choice and one usually reserved for special occasions when you want to look catchy. Since the dress has its own built-in razzle-dazzle, choosing the right pair of shoes can be tricky. Though you could stick with basic, simple shoes, you can still go for the metallic shade of heels your dress has. Rocking metallic shoes in gold, silver, bronze or copper will work almost as well as a neutral color when paired with sequins. Remember, metallic has the added advantage of always appearing somewhat dressy. So, if you appreciate subtlety and understatement, it’s completely acceptable to match your shoe color with that of your sequined dress, or go with basic black.

3. Wedges and chunky heeled sandals work best with maxi dresses over stilettos.

Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, make your looks coordinated by wearing wedges or chunky sandals with your maxi dress that look more stable and appropriate over stilettos. After all, you won’t want to look heavy and trying hard in a pair of pointy heels when you’re wearing a very long dress that almost fall on your feet.

4. You can repeat one of the colors of your dress, especially neutrals.

If one of the colors of the dress is repeated in the shoes and you echo the second color in your other accessories, you’ll end up with an integrated look that’s fresh but still classic enough. Though any neutral shade will work, going for the same neutral shade your dress has will create harmony in your outfits rather than adding a third color on your looks.

5. Resort to stiletto heels when wearing party dresses.

Party means festive so you can wear bold colors on your shoes. You can add an unexpected pop of color on your feet that work wonders, especially if that bright color is red. Red is actually considered a neutral in some fashion and interior decor circles, so pairing it with a pastel or muted dress like fashion blogger Nicole Ware did can work much better. You may also think of adding texture with sequins to spice up your look and bring your feet to the party. Though suede, velvet, patent leather, transparent plastic, and patterned leather can all work very well, you can still resort to simple pumps if you just want style and comfort.

6. When you’re wearing a dress with a leather trim, resort to boots.

Leather dresses work best with boots, though you can sometimes wear them with stiletto heels, nude pumps, and black shoes. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, add some edgy grunge vibe to your chic leather dress with a pair of combat boots. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to coordinate your dress with your shoes regardless how many pairs you have in your closet.

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