How to choose the shape of your nails?

The majority of women seek all the time to have perfect nails: manicure, hardener, varnish, nail art… But they forget an essential step which is to choose the shape of the nails. The shape of the nails has a huge effect on the beauty of the hands, it can refine the fingers as it can compact them. So, are you ready to use the manicure and pedicure set to find the best shape for your nails?

Square nails

Square nails fit most hands. To have beautiful square nails, you need to have nails where the sides are parallel and suddenly, you just have to file the base of the nail in a direction perpendicular to the sides. This shape is recommended for women who have wide hands or short fingers, because it lengthens them.

Rounded square nails

This shape eliminates the square angles on both sides by rounding them with nail files. So you can have nice fine hands without worrying about the breakage problem.

Round nails

If you suffer from fragile and brittle nails, this shape is ideal for you. In fact, the fact that the nail is rounded and that there are no sharp angles, it decreases the risk of breakage. Filing your nails following the natural oval of the latter: you can accentuate or soften the oval of the nail.

Almond nails

The almond shape is a very feminine shape. To have a nice almond shape, you need to have nails where both sides tapers off with the length of the nail. Thus, it suffices to file the sides a little in an oblique direction and then round the edge.

Sharp nails

As you have seen, it is a shape that is very sensitive to breakage. To achieve a successful shape, you have to file the sides until you form a point. Then round off the tip a little bit so that you don’t hurt yourself.

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