How to Choose a Hearing Aid Device?

Faced with the constant evolution of hearing aids, choosing a hearing aid can become a real headache. With more than 40 years of experience dedicated to hearing, Yorksound advises you to find the hearing aid that suits your needs.

Type of the Hearing Aids

Choosing the hearing aid is a delicate step. After a hearing check with you, the hearing care professional can advise you on the hearing aid model that suits your needs. There are 3 types of hearing aids:

In ear hearing aids: fit into the ear canal;
Manufactured from the impression of the auditory canal, the intra-auricular ones have the advantage of being aesthetic, even invisible for some models. Thanks to precise adjustment, this device is particularly suitable for low to medium hearing losses. You finally find a good hearing in all discretion.

Mini contours hearing aids: modern and easy to wear;
The mini-contours are miniature sizes to offer great discretion by placing behind the ear. At the forefront of technology (ventilated duct and earphone in the ear) these hearing aids offer a great hearing comfort. They are recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Behind the ear hearing aid: placed at the back of the ear;
Conventional contours are the most used hearing aid devices. Intended for low to profound hearing loss, these hearing aids are easy to handle and have greater battery capacity than in-ear hearing aids. Robust, light and comfortable, these devices have all the technological innovations to improve your hearing. You can even choose a hearing aid that offers the possibility of being controllable with a Smartphone!

What are your lifestyle habits?

During your appointment at one of our centers, our audiologists will help you identify the type of hearing aid that suits your lifestyle . Indeed, the hearing aid must be chosen taking into account the situations of daily life during which the hearing loss is the most troublesome. Each person does not have the same expectations: your future auditory equipment must therefore allow you to find a good hearing in all circumstances, especially in those important to you.

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