Gel coverage and nail reconstruction: what’s the difference?

Today we are talking about a very important difference that many girls do not know between covering or casting in gel and nail reconstruction. These two terms have two distinct meanings and identify two different procedures. Let’s see the differences together by continuing to read!

Covering or gel casting:

The gel casting, also called covering, consists in covering the natural nails with a triphasic or monophasic gel without performing any lengthening. Therefore, it is suitable for those with good length or nails that grow without particular problems and simply want to give them greater resistance to prevent them from breaking.

Nail reconstruction with extension

The actual nail reconstruction is the one that not only covers the nail with the gel, but also provides for a tip or paper lengthening. Not to be confused with a simple casting, this technique requires the use of the nail beauty supplies to recreate the free margin that is absent or too short.

Ideal for those who want longer nails immediately, it is recommended in cases of nail biting (click here to read the article dedicated to this bad practice) or for those who need to have a perfect manicure for the wedding day or for other events important.

Gel casting or reconstruction: which one to prefer?

My very personal opinion is to always prefer a simple gel cover as long as there are no particular problems related to nail biting, onycholysis or other defects in the shape that prevent normal nail growth. Since by applying the gel the nails are much more resistant to shocks and chipping, after a couple of months the desired length will be reached, without resorting to the tips or lengthening on the map.

We have reached the end of this article dedicated to Nail reconstruction lamp selection guide. Have a good manicure!

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