Flowery nails, the great trend of Spring 2022

Flowers have always been a symbol of beauty, but today they take on a new look as a nail trend. Integrate the flowers into your manicure so that your nails can come across in different styles. The Maryton nail supply will review the most beautiful ideas in terms of manicure in the rest of this article.

How to make flowery nails?

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You can go to an institute to request this type of gel nail art (under UV lamp) or semi-permanent varnish. If you feel like trying to do flowery nails yourself, start by caring for your natural nails. Make sure your nails are clean and free of any excess nail polish. Before applying varnish, apply a base coat which will help the varnish last longer and protect the nails against stains.

Next, apply a coat of white or light gray to your nails to create a solid background for the flowers you are going to draw. Choose the type of floral pattern you like and draw the flowers. Finally, cover your nails with a transparent top coat that will protect and give shine to your flowery manicure.

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The benefits of trying Flowery Nails?

  • Flowery nails suit everyone.
  • A flowery manicure is long lasting.
  • This trend is casual and fun while putting a polished style at your fingertips.
  • You will definitely attract attention by wearing flowers on your nails.
  • They will go very well with spring clothes.
  • They are fashionable.
  • There are many ways to wear flowers on your nails.

Know that many flowers can be integrated into these manicures: roses, orchids, daisies and even other types of plants such as palm trees for example. It is advisable to use a hairpin to make the floral designs on your nails. If you don’t have professional manicure set at home, just have a look at our website.

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