Find The Perfect Stripes Items For Summer

If you are the type who wants to let the whole world in summer striped , do it with clothes that go in line. Horizontal or vertical, they are prensentan in every imaginable clothing and color combinations great. While seafaring (navy and white) are the most famous and never go out of style, there are proposals to choose what best defines us.

Choose what most defines you

  • Dressed in striped Bardot neckline wheel of The Jet Set Diaries , 177,99 euros.
  • Asymmetrical dress Lacy , 88,09 euros.
  • Mono Long Sleeve The Stripe or Die , 37.27 euros.

  • Top Skin Theory , 307.64 euros.
  • Striped shorts and moles of Kenzo , 336 euros.
  • Solid & Striped Full Body Cheap One Piece Swimsuits , 157.55 euros.

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