False nails: dazzled by their beauty

False nails are like shoes: there are all colors, all designs, and above all all sizes. But it’s not easy to wear on a daily basis when they are very long… however, we are still dazzled by the beauty of these false nails!

False nails, an adventure

Since that first time, I literally fell in love with these little finger jewels. However, wearing long nails requires a bit of adaptation: it’s not that easy! If it is done incorrectly, it can seriously damage your real nails.

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Detach yourself from outside opinions

When I discussed it with people around me, some people begin to worry about the practicality. It is true that after three weeks, the nails begin to peel off and when they accidentally bend over themselves, it hurts.

In any case, if you take the plunge, do not hesitate to have fun with all the possibilities of design and colors!

Tempted? Bring your manicure supplies and have a fun! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need in Maryton nail supply.

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