Fake nails in gel: the complete guide to filling

Renowned for their long-lasting hold and polished appearance, gel false nails are an attractive alternative to traditional manicures. It is also possible to extend their life by carrying out regular fillings. But what is it, exactly? Our Maryton will tell you everything in the following article.

Gel false nails: what is a filling?

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When you have gel false nails applied, your nail technician strives to respect the contour of your natural nails and their base while covering them completely. However, the regrowth of the nails ends up showing a demarcation line at the base, 3 to 4 weeks after the application of the gel. This is where the filling process comes in: your nail technician then fills in the demarcation that is created between the gel and the natural nails to make your manicure last longer and ensure its homogeneity.

False gel nails: filling, instructions for use

The filling technique is very simple: your nail stylist begins by filing your false nails, in order to eliminate any excess thickness or gel residue. She then cleans your nails, to prepare them for a new gel application. Your nail technician finally fills in the natural demarcation line by applying a new layer of gel, which she shapes according to your wishes.

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False gel nails: filling or removal?

If you want to change the type of manicure, by switching to semi-permanent varnish for example, the removal of false gel nails is essential. You will also benefit from having your false nails removed if they start to come off: otherwise, you risk damaging them and/or injuring yourself.

On the other hand, the filling will allow you to keep your false nails longer, identical or sublimated by a new nail art or a nail jewel. In addition, the filling technique will save you time, but also money.

OK! Now that you have known the complete guide to filling of fake nails in gel, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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