Does semi-permanent varnish cause harmful effects on the nails?

Applying semi-permanent varnish is very trendy these days. On the other side, many people ask a large number of questions about the negative effect of these polishes on her nails. But is semi-permanent varnish really harmful to the nails? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you answers.

The answer is yes, if the varnish is applied to fragile nails or nails that have not had special care for a long time. But the answer is a no if the application is carried out according to the rules of the art, on neat and well-maintained nails. In other words, if you put the varnish on healthy nails and maintained with high quality products, it is certain that your nails will not be damaged.

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However, it is always good to note that the semi-permanent varnish should not be applied to fragile, soft, brittle or split nails. The installation must be done in the best conditions. The product for maintenance and care must be of good quality. The same goes for removal. This should be done smoothly. You should never tear off the varnish, so as not to damage your nails.

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