Castor oil for nails: benefits, application

Castor oil is one of those products whose virtues seem limitless. And it is particularly useful in the field of beauty. The nails in particular benefit from its properties. What are the benefits of castor oil for nails and how to use it? Presentation.

Castor oil and beauty

Castor oil, also known as castor oil, is cold-extracted from the seeds of the small common castor bean tree. Inedible, this oil revealed its useful properties in many areas, including beauty, centuries ago. Even today, castor oil remains an essential product, acclaimed for its benefits and ease of use. It is particularly recognized for its remarkable effects on the hair but also on the nails.

Less brittle nails

Castor oil has moisturizing properties. They are the ones that will be sought after for its use as nail care.

It is indeed rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Applying castor oil will result in stronger, less brittle, hydrated and deeply nourished nails.

Healthy nails

Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, castor oil is also an effective remedy for nail fungus and yellow toenails. It cleanses the nail on the surface and in depth and allows it to regain strength, health and natural beauty.

Accelerate nail growth

Breaking a fingernail can cause them to be cut very short. Under the action of castor oil, nail growth is accelerated. The nails grow back faster, full of vigor and regenerated.

Soft cuticles

Using castor oil before a manicure is a smart way to avoid feeling uncomfortable pushing back cuticles. Castor oil softens the cuticles, which can be pushed back more easily with professional nail supplies.

Use castor oil properly for your nails

Castor oil for cosmetic purposes has a greasy and viscous texture. Here’s how to use castor oil for your nails.

Choose your castor oil

Castor oil is an ancestral product, which many of us are (re) discovering. When purchasing, various quality oils may be offered. Castor oil for nails should be a cold extracted oil. It is self-sufficient. We therefore recommend buying it pure. So there is no need to have a long list of additional components on the bottle label. However, it is possible to combine castor oil with other oils, such as sweet almond oil, olive oil or tea tree oil for example.

Before use

Before using castor oil on your nails, we recommend cleaning and drying them thoroughly. The oil settles on a natural nail. So start by removing your nail polish using nail polish remover.

Direct application to the nail

For nail care using castor oil, two solutions are possible. The nail can be soaked directly in castor oil, applied to the skin. It can be applied to the nails using a cotton ball or a brush. You can also immerse the tips of your fingers in a bath of castor oil. In this case, it is a matter of completely immersing your nails in the castor oil and leaving it on. Since castor oil is very oily, we recommend massaging the nail to allow the castor oil to penetrate well.

For a deep treatment, a long exposure time will be necessary for the nails to have absorbed the castor oil well and for it to begin its work of sanitation and regeneration. We therefore recommend doing your nail treatment in the evening or on a calm day at home. When it comes to maintaining your nails more than repairing them, it is also possible to do a faster treatment before the manicure. For the health of the nails, we also recommend leaving the nails natural between two manicures to let them breathe. Cuticles can be massaged every night with castor oil until their dryness subsides.

Precautions for use

Castor oil should not be ingested under any circumstances. It can cause severe laxative effects and its consumption can even be dangerous. It is therefore necessary to stick to one application to the area to be treated. Castor oil should be stored in a dry place and protected from light.

Castor oil is almost a miracle nail product. Easy to apply, it succeeds on its own to cleanse, nourish, regenerate, tone, provide strength to the nails and boost their growth. Without forgetting the cuticles, which also benefit from its action.

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