Best Spring manicure ideas

Spring is about starting something new! Something that will create positive feelings and a smile on your face. So why not use this as an excuse to refresh your nail designs and feel more rejuvenated to get into the season!

At Pastel we love

When in doubt, especially in the spring, opt for a pretty pastel shade. Whether you’re wearing your jeans or a bright and colorful outfit, any pastel shade would be a perfect choice.

Minimalist Nail Art

A colored line to make the difference. All you need is a pink gel nail polish to work as a base, then simply select your favorite colors to draw simple lines down the middle of your nails.

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Colorful French

The French manicure is never wrong. So this spring, go for a bold colorful French and create a playful accent to your bright and colorful look. Keep in mind that the bolder the color, the cooler the look!

Reverse French Manicure

This stunning soft and glam reverse French manicure is all you need to make an entrance. It is simple, sophisticated, chic and instantly gives your look an edge.

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3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
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Floral nail design

Beautiful flowers decorate your nails and create a cheerful design. Make your color combination wisely and create one of the most impressive spring designs.

We hope you liked this article and that it will inspire you for future! It is essential to invest in suitable manicure kit. For this, our site is full of ideas and products perfectly suited to this use.

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