Are your nails healthy?

The road to beautiful nails begins with a satisfactory lifestyle. They are characterized by a pinkish color, are transparent and free of spots. If your nails are brittle or separating, you potentially have a deficiency. To meet your need for necessary minerals, promote a balanced diet, abundant in vegetables and fresh fruits.

From time to time, to supplement your diet and boost your vitamin B intake, turn to specific nutritional supplements or brewer’s yeast treatments.

Protect your Nails from External Damage

Every day, the vitality of our nails is severely tested. However, good practices and an appropriate beauty routine will help preserve their resistance. For a deeper clean, mix a touch of soap with water and gently scrub your fingertips with a nail brush. Eliminate bacteria by rinsing it after each use with pure water and replacing it regularly.

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For a smooth, shiny surface, file your nails with a soft nail file and carefully remove the cuticles. Also, don’t hesitate to reduce them whenever you feel like it. Nails that are too long can promote residue buildup. Winter temperatures tend to dry out the skin and therefore the nails. In winter, hydration is therefore key. Apply cream regularly to moisturize them.

Return to Simplicity for the Beauty of your Nails

Temporarily ditch elaborate manicures and flaunt the natural beauty of your nails. Some household products can be particularly aggressive. Just protect your hands by wearing gloves. Likewise, regular use of nail polish can harm the health of your nails. Choose a quality protective base to avoid damage. You’d better invest in some manicure supplies to care for your nails

To further strengthen them, bathe them by simply dipping your fingers in olive oil or castor oil. The latter is renowned for being particularly nourishing and promoting growth. For shiny nails, apply white vinegar directly. Another 100% natural method: lemon is excellent for making them whiter.

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