Alternatives to Blue False Nails

Even though blue false nails offer you a wide range of styles, there aren’t always blue false nails available. Luckily, we have alternatives to blue fake nails. In this article, the nail supplies expert Maryton will tell you everything. Keep reading!

Semipermanent polish

Using a semi-permanent varnish is a less restrictive method of sporting blue nails. Providing long-lasting shine and a natural appearance, it applies easily and lasts up to three weeks without flaking.

Fiberglass extensions

Fiberglass extensions are another alternative to traditional false nails. This process involves the use of thin strips of fiberglass dipped in resin, providing a lightweight and flexible solution whilst giving a chic and natural look.

Dip and acrylic powder

The “dip and acrylic” technique consists of immersing the nails in a colored powder after applying a liquid base. It combines the ease of application with the durability of acrylic, without requiring a UV lamp to dry.

Are you excited? So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take your manicure kit to start your nail art journey!

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