A manicure in summer colors with the slanted french

Nail-art always takes us further into the world of manicure with nails worthy of artistic works! For this season, a new trend is appearing: the slanted french. Do you know?

Inspired by the nude top coat

The slanted french comes from the famous nude top coat that we know. But there it is no longer a question of coloring only the tip of the nail. Indeed, it is the entire surface that is worked. In addition, the shapes drawn do not follow precise rules, in order to give free rein to the imagination. What then have an original, colorful manicure – with nude or rather more flashy shades – and that you won’t find elsewhere.

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For short nails too!

Even with short nails it is possible to have a slanted french. The slanted french will allow you to work in particular on twisted lines, as well as diagonal or straight lines, curved or even wavy lines… The choices are so many! They start from the tip of the nail to its base, a method giving the impression of having much longer nails.

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